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CullenCollimore Foundation's Millyard BPR Donates $2,500
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August 25th, 2016
CullenCollimore Foundation's Millyard BPR Donates $2,500
NASHUA – Brian Cullen and Kevin Collimore, organizers of the Millyard Bike Paddle Run, recentlypresented a check for $2,500 to the Independence Rowing Club, one of two such donations being made to distribute the proceeds from this year’s successful triathlon in Nashua.

The Millyard Bike Paddle Run, or Millyard BPR, is held each May in and around Mine Falls Park. The course takes participants from Nashua’s Millyard through downtown and out to neighboring Hollis before returning to Nashua to use their choice of kayak, canoe or SUP to navigate the 2.5-mile canal, hand-dug nearly 200 years ago. The race concludes with a 5 kilometer run in the park along the canal and Nashua River.

"Our principal goal has been to create an event that brings people to Nashua and show them someof the great outdoor recreation that exists right here in our ci ty," said Cullen, an attorney with CullenCollimore PLLC on East Pearl Street.

Thanks to donations of time and funds by its members, the Independence Rowing Club has been able to construct a boathouse to further its goals of expanding participation. The club organizes learn-to-row programs and is developing ties to area youth groups to offer additional rowing opportunities to students.

The Millyard BPR also will distribute $2,500 to the Hollis-Brookline Crew Team, which for two years running has overseen the bike-to-boat transition at Mill Pond by Conway Arena. The club isseeking to build a boathouse of its own in the near future.

The Millyard BPR has set aside $3,500 toward the cost of creating a public access for small boats to the Nashua River. For more information, email Brian Cullen at or visit

Source: Nashua Telegraph