Stacy Furlotte

An integral member of the Cullen Collimore team, Stacy has over 20 years of paralegal experience and extensive training in discovery and e-discovery issues. Stacy uses that experience to deliver efficient document productions and assist our clients in all aspects of litigation from initial investigations to discovery and trial. In the world of discovery, Stacy is the firm’s complex document discovery manager, working with clients to minimize business disruption while ensuring timely and efficient document production. Stacy also handles electronic discovery project management and support for the team. Stacy assists both attorneys and clients in navigating through the complexities of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) process, focusing on the collection of documents through litigation phases.

At trial, Stacy maximizes our presentations to the judge and jury. As CullenCollimore’s trial presentation specialist in both state and federal court, Stacy constructs an organized database of all important documents so that they can be easily accessed when needed. During the trial, she operates iPad, software and audio/visual equipment to display the documents, graphics, or videos for the case. Through her, the trial team gains a valuable member whose skill and experience provide a seamless presentation of exhibits and evidence during the trial. Electronic trial presentations are an extremely effective tool for increasing juror understanding of the case, facilitating jurors’ sense of engagement, and enhancing juror memory of important points. With the use of an electronic presentation, jurors are able to better visualize and understand even the most complex issues. Electronic trial presentations are also useful to judges who appreciate the organized and comprehensive approach to trial.

Stacy's personal touch and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to each client of CullenCollimore. Stacy is a member of the Paralegal Association of New Hampshire and is active with the Resources & Education for Adolescent and Community Health Group, the Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire, as well as the Autism Society of New Hampshire.